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The acronym CHOOZ represents the five steps in my cognitive model for intentional decision making; the model I’ve used since I was five years old. When you complete the course you’ll have a detailed roadmap for enjoying life with grit and grace.

This thing called life is a crazy trip. Crazy on a good day. Add to that a global pandemic, and many of us find ourselves thrown a bit off course. Women especially are looking for clarity after the pandemic forced us to slow down just enough to look around and think: “Who am I, again? And, how did I get here exactly?” Let’s pause and look inside ourselves, at our outside influences,  and around our worlds with intention. In this course, you will learn:

  • How to examine pre-existing beliefs so you can get create clarity around the person you see in the mirror and the person you believe others to see. We’ll also look at your values and question limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from living this one life true to you.
  • How to define success on your terms and create a roadmap to get there. We'll start with a personal brand. You'll also get the tools to create a timeline and measurable, realistic steps to transform your day-to-day life.
  • The CHOOZ Method and the three essentials for a successful journey— courage, confidence, and compassion.

By the end of this course, you'll have clarity on who you are and how you'll live this one life with meaning. I am SO excited for you because I know how empowering it is. Are you ready? Let's do this!


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Live Your Truth

It’s not always easy to live into your personal vision of fulfillment each day—and that’s assuming you’re clear on what your vision even is! At times it can feel easier to live in pursuit of someone else’s vision instead.

You deserve better.

This guidebook walks you through four significant blocks that can jam up your life's path. If you commit to some challenging introspective work, the exercises in this guide will teach you how to traverse those blocks (no matter how big or how often they show up) and own the opportunity and accountability to choose a life that’s true to you.



I can’t tell you many things for certain. But I can tell you this. No two people experience this world in the same way. So, when a person, place, thing, or idea gets in the way of you living this one life true to you, take a good close look at why the block exists and whether you should allow it to stay.

My friends, it's critical that you lift the VEIL so you can see, with clarity, your life's path.

We all primarily associate integrity with strong morals and ethics. But just as important, integrity is a state of being whole and undiminished. Are you there?

You don’t always get to choose what life throws your way, but you do always get to choose how you respond to it.

Lift the VEIL, look your fear in the face, take power away from thoughts that don’t serve you, and start tomorrow with a fresh outlook rooted in what rings true to you.


What's Most Important to You?

This 14-page digital workbook is filled with guided questions for reflection and strategies for deciphering what matters most to you at your core.

You'll get:
  • Permission to flip the script and stop setting important things aside to tackle urgent things
  • Four different exercises to help you clarify and narrow down your list of top priorities
  • Introspective prompts to acknowledge and address discrepancies between your values and your current priorities so you can start to show up as your best self
This FREE resource will help you start the journey towards living each day as your most authentic self. Let's get after it!

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Phone Lock Screen Wallpapers

Keep some of my favorite thought starters and reminders top of mind with these inspirational phone wallpapers!
You'll get:
  • 8 different designs to inspire and encourage you to continue on your journey to living a life true to your most authentic self, including:
    • A CHOOZ Method Cheat Sheet
    • The definition of Integrity
    • A reminder to work towards the future you deserve
    • Quotes from Martha Beck & Yours Truly
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Fill out the details below to have your digital workbook sent to your inbox!

Fill out the details below to have 8 wallpaper images sent to your inbox!